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       My office has never looked better thanks to Cleaning Firm Finchley! Their office cleaners are true professionals and know how to clean even the hard to reach places! The price they charge is more than affordable!    
Diana M.07/12/2016

       I have a nearly new furniture shop locally and often have curtains, rugs, carpets and three piece lounge suites that I need professionally cleaned. Cleaners Finchley are always the cleaning firm I choose because of their great value, high quality services. They clean nearly new items so that they look brand new again. That affects my mark-up which makes me very happy.     
Tony Richards 14/07/2015

       With a newborn in the house, we felt we couldn't afford to hire professional help. We have found that in the past, cleaning companies totally ripped us off and didn't deliver half of what they promised us. However after coming across Cleaning Firm Finchley, we were amazed at how clean the cleaners left our house and they were very friendly, too. Safe to say we will never use another cleaning company as we are so happy!    

       It's been a bit of a busy week, but it's nice to know that no matter what it might be that's demanding my attention in the office, I can trust Finchley-Cleaners to handle all of the cleaning at home. It used to be that I'd get home exhausted and struggle to find the time in which to get everything done. Thankfully, I don't need to worry about that any more. They just get it all clean, that's all I can say really. It's a great service and one which I'm not sure what I would do without, these days.    
James W.07/01/2015

       We have had a very high quality cleaning service from Finchley-Cleaners and the office cleaning they have performed for us has been excellent. Like many cleaning companies they do the day to day cleaning jobs like emptying bins and washing mugs and cutlery, but the cleaners do a lot of dusting and they don't just do the desks and shelves but they dust monitors, lamps, telephones and skirting boards amongst other things. Our offices are always fresh and clean after their visit and they work very efficiently. The cleaners sent to us are professional and very courteous and a delight to employ.    
Kenneth Kelly14/11/2014